Ibiza TORNADO and freak Spain flash floods kill one, with missing mum and son swept away by floodwaters feared dead

A MUM and son are feared dead after their prefab home was swept away in freak flash floods following extreme weather across Spain yesterday.

A tornado ripped through the party island of Ibiza and freak flash floods after huge thunderstorms caused chaos throughout mainland Spain, with cops confirming one person dead so far.

A tornado has ripped through the party island of Ibiza, reportedly leaving three injured
A tornado has ripped through the party island of Ibiza, reportedly leaving three injured


A car destroyed by the floods in Arenys de Mar[/caption]

Three men working on a building site in Sant Antoni were injured when their mobile cabin was lifted from the ground
Three men working on a building site in Sant Antoni, Ibiza, were injured when their mobile cabin was lifted from the ground
A car is seen in the aftermath of the flooding in the village of Arbeca

Officers say the body of a 75-year-old man swept away by a swollen river in the coastal town of Arenys de Marnorth near Barcelona has been found.


He had been attempting to move his car when the water engulfed him and he tragically drowned.

Search is ongoing for two missing people in the village of Vilaverd near Tarragona – a mum and her grown-up son.

A helicopter was due to be mobilised this morning to help in the search for the missing mum and son, believed to be aged around 70 and 40.

Regional Civil Protection chief Sergio Delgado confirmed: “Authorities are searching for two people believed to have been swept away in floods who were in a prefabricated bungalow as well as a person who has disappeared in the Arenys de Mar area.”

Catalan Interior Minister Miquel Buch has now confirmed search teams are also looking for two more missing people in L’Espluga de Francoli, a 15-minute drive northwest of Vilaverd.

A house destroyed by the flooding

Central European News

Trees were blown over, wrecking buildings[/caption]

Central European News

A car has been damaged by a falling tree[/caption]

The freak weather ruined many Brits’ holidays
Twitter, @kellzsoph
Raging flood waters moved cars and damaged building during the night


A car is dragged from floodwater [/caption]

The overturned car they were travelling in has been found in the River Francoli.

Firefighters are checking the badly-damaged vehicle to rule out anyone being still inside.


This morning parts of the north-east province of Girona were on red alert, with local authorities warning the river Ter could overflow its banks and advising locals to exercise “extreme caution.”

And yesterday, three men working on a building site in Sant Antoni, Ibiza were injured when the winds lifted their mobile cabin from the ground, Euro Weekly News reports.

The construction workers are believed to have been sheltering from the conditions at the time.

They were all taken to Policlínica Nuestra Señora del Rosario hospital with minor injuries.

Several roads on the island have also been closed to traffic after the tornado sent trees crashing down onto the streets.

A main road from Sant Antoni to Santa Agnès has been closed following 200 trees tumbling onto the tarmac in a stretch of just four and a half miles.

One holidaymaker shared a dramatic photo of a tree almost knocked into a pool
Twitter, @kellzsoph
Trees were knocked over with debris blown into hotel pools


A man shovels debris out of his house, washed in by floodwaters[/caption]


The area was also hit by storms and lightning[/caption]

Spanish cops are working alongside Sant Antoni’s city council to re-open the roads as quickly as possible.

Seaside homes and villas have experienced shattered windows and a sport centre’s roof has been partially ripped off.


Videos taken by horrified holidaymakers show heavy rain and lightning flashing across the island.

British tourists staying on the island have shared dramatic pictures showing how massive trees were blown down iÁnto hotel pools.

Sophie Kelly, a holidaymaker from Newquay told Sun Online: “Lots of power cuts went on into the night and lots of trees have been torn down and in half.

“The path down to Cala Gracio Beach has been cut off.”

Another Brit, Kathy Taylor of cruiselowdown.com told Sun Online: “The heavens opened.

“There was surprisingly little thunder but I’ve never experienced a lightning show like it.”

Spanish AEMET issued an orange weather warning which has now been decreased to yellow with 69 recorded weather incidents across the Baleariac islands.

Ibiza was the worst hit island but Mallorca and Menorca also experienced some unsettling weather.

Officials have issued flood warnings for areas near rivers, streams and the coast.

And at least four flights so far have had to be diverted from Ibiza airport.


Litter and debris was strewn over the road from the floodwaters[/caption]


Police confirmed one man has died after being swept away in the floods[/caption]


The remnants of a destroyed kitchen caked in mud after the banks of a river burst[/caption]

Trees were blown over and destroyed


Strong winds and extreme weather battered the island[/caption]

Tables, chairs and pool loungers were strewn across one hotel's patio after the powerful tornado

Tables, chairs and pool loungers were strewn across one hotel’s patio after the powerful tornado[/caption]

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